Nipsey Hussle’s friend shot dead!! Dying Arsenio Gravesande told NYPD cops ‘F–k you’!!

A dear friend of rapper Nipsey Hussle was shot down in Brooklyn. But what made him our headlines is that he refused to give any clues while dying and told NYPD cops ‘F–k you’ when asked to ID shooter, as per what reports say so far.

Nipsey Hussle (left) and Arsenio Gravesande

Arsenio Gravesande appeared in one of Nipsey Hussle’s music video.

Nipsey Hussle’s dear pal, Arsenio Gravesande was one out of five people that were gunned down in a horrifying 24-hour period in New York. He is well known, as a friend of 33-years-old Nipsey Hussle, who was nominated for a Grammy award for his debut album.

But Nipsey Hussle was killed back in March in a triple shooting in Los Angeles. A few fans of Nipsey Hussle opine that the rapper was killed just after he has posted a cryptic message about his enemies on social media. While fans are still demanding justice and reflect that Nipsey Hussle’s enemies are linked to his murder, cops have not officially confirmed the news.

From a report, Arsenio Gravesande was found by the cops as they responded to the information they received from 911. The call majorly focused on a dispute in the area on Tuesday. It was reported that Arsenio Gravesande, who was 28-years-old, was hot in his hip in the surroundings of Sutter Avenue and Union Street in Brownsville.

Arsenio Gravesande was discovered lying injured sometime around 9:20 P.M. on the pavement.  Cops informed that Arsenio Gravesande was a member of a notorious gang street, G Stone Crips gang. Though he was quickly rushed to a nearby hospital, it was found that he has passed away due to severe injury.

Arsenio Gravesande stayed unconscious throughout the ride in the ambulance to the hospital from the shooting scene. But the cops have confirmed that Arsenio Gravesande has refused to give any details of his attacker to both his cousin and the cops.