Netflix canceled Designated Surviors?? Season 4 streaming where and when?

Designated Survivors is definitely one of Netflix’s best political show it put up this year. But there is still a question in the air unanswered. Are Designated Survivors going to come back to Netflix for season 4? Since season 3 of Designated Survivors is political hit, it has stayed in people’s minds more than Netflix thought it would have.

While people are waiting for season 4 of Designated Survivors, Netflix has officially made a statement that its platform is not going to continue the show. Though people can still watch the three seasons of Designated Survivors on the streaming platform, sources have claimed that Netflix has officially canceled the show.

In an interview, a representative from Netflix said that they are very proud to host the show on their streaming platform and will offer fans the three seasons of Designated Survivors for years to come. In fact, Designated Survivor is not one of Netflix’s own show. Netflix has even released a statement saying that this show is yet not part of Netflix.

On the other hand, Sutherland has posted a video on social media platforms in which he fondly shared his views of the show, Designated Survivors. And his video proves to some extent that he spoke about the termination of the show. Yet, Netflix still has to confirm whether it will allow Designated Survivors to use the streaming platform services or not.

The season 3 of Designated Survivors only had ten episodes, but it did not have restrictions when it came to the content. It is officially announced that the Designated Survivors show has been canceled by both Netflix and ABC. So it is very unlikely that season 4 will happen even if it is on another network.

If Netflix did chose to renew Designated Survivors for its season 4, it highly likely that it may be released in summer 2020.