New Superman Game might Return, However, It won’t be by Rocksteady

When news about the new Batman game got leaked, a certain statement made it sound like a Superman game is also being made. 

The last time we got to see the Man of Steel in a video game was in 2017’s Injustice 2, among other Justice League heroes. Apart from that, Superman had not been on his standalone game for a very long time, like almost every other DC hero. It’s almost like Batman’s every game developer’s favorite. But recently, during the speculation for the upcoming Batman game, news about Superman was also given.

Is it going to happen?

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After the release of Injustice 2, there had been rumors of a Superman game that was in development, and in every one of these reports, it was stated that the project would be helmed by Rocksteady, who had previously made the Batman Arkham games. But Rocksteady had denied all the rumors.

So, when there was a leak about the new Batman game, it was reported that WB Montreal is working on the Superman game. This bit of news would back up claims from Rocksteady that they will not be taking on the project.

Developers had been facing issues with making a Superman game since 2006’s Superman Returns. What usually happens when a popular franchise is made into a video game will be a studio will first pitch an idea to Warner Brothers, then produces a few of the early assets, draws a few concept arts, show it to the execs, and then everything gets canceled.

Rocksteady has been linked because everyone wants to see an open-world Superman game similar to the Arkham games. Besides, it will be harder to develop a game on Superman, since he possesses such an insane strength and other powers. It would be tricky to create a world that is right for him, with nothing being out of character. Well, if the recent leak can be believed, we might get to see a game after the new Batman game releases.