New Pokémon promo released; Adventures of old and new characters will continue in this new series!

Pokemon fans finally get the sneak peek of the first episode of Pokemon, in the series newly launched promo.

As fans are anticipating the relation between new character Gou and Ash Ketchum and whether Pikachu will continue his adventure in his old yellow chibi form or the makers will show his new side?

The latest promo revealed all these answers and showed the Ash Ketchum and his new supporting partner Gou with their respective pokemon Pikachu and Scorbunny, a firey rabbit that will make its debut with the first episode. They will continue their journey together to collect all the pokemon of the world.

Charged up with powers all the main characters are looking energized and enthusiastic to begin their new journey.

In the video new characters Gou and his pokemon Scorbunny seen sharing some adorable moment, while Ash and Pikachu go on being the funny and brave character as they are. Although no other character beside them featured in the promo, so the fans have to wait for its telecast to know the new story and meet the other characters.

There is no doubt that the new episode will be full of adventure and fun that fans have been waiting for for a long time.

The first episode of Pokemon will telecast on November 17 in Japan, with the title ‘Birth Of Pikachu‘. In which it will start from the beginning showing Pichu’s story and the start of the ‘Pocket Monster’ in Kanto.