New development by Amazon: Tek-Knight to be the main lead in “The Boys” Season 2 ? Is it going to be as crazy as the comic is?

By 4 months ago

It seems that including one comic character potentially set to appear in season 1 of The Boys is too offensive for Amazon. When it was announced that the live-adaptation of Darick Robertson’s and Garth Ennis was on the sets, concerns have been pouring out from fans about various features of the comics.

Of these concerns, the one that has been overriding the fans was whether a TV show is capable of including all the gruesome deaths, mature themes and creative profanities that the comics are well known for. When Amazon’s The Boys premiered last month, it is safe to say that the fans’ fears can be put to rest with ease.

Image: Screenrant

From a man imploding with an explosive placed inside his anus to Butcher’s lively vocabulary, Amazon has shown that The Boys is not the show for faint-hearted. The showrunner, Eric Kripke has informed that Amazon’s streaming service has vetoed only one scene from The Boys season 1.

This scene is where Homelander on top of the Chrysler building pleasures himself by emptying on to the New York streets. Despite Amazon being lenient with what they will approve, the depravity of The Boys in the comic version deepens as the series progresses. It is hard to imagine if everything from the comic can climb on to the TV.

It is hence revealed that the biggest challenge for The Boys season 2 is going be Tek-Knight. Similar to billionaire superheroes, Batman and Iron Man, Tek-Knight is also a billionaire who uses a mech suit to fight. Tek-Knight has appeared prominently in the second volume of comics The Boys.

But in Amazon’s TV show Tek-Knight has been mentioned in a brief moment. Many predictions are made that Tek-Knight is going to be the prime candidate to appear in The Boys season 2. But under the circumstances, it is a phrase that is not usually associated with Billy Butcher’s line of work.