Camila Cabello confirmed her love relationship with Shawn Mendes, Indirectly? Falling in love has inspired her work and songwriting!

Camila Cabell uncloses about many things that concern her like falling in love in real life, her doubtful relationship with Shawn Mendes and more. The starlet in an honest interview concedes that she has fallen in love, but did not disclose the name of the man in her life.

Camila on falling in love

She told that relationship has in a way, influenced her work and her song writings. Camila added that falling in love has limitless levels and coatings to it. The singer who is presently busy on her new album says being in love has affected the way she composes her songs particularly for her forthcoming album which is about concentrating on the existing time.

Camila and Shawn

Expressing about Shawn Mendes, Camila affirms that she relishes working with him and that it is perpetually entertaining to work with people who mean a lot to you. She also admits that she has known Shawn for a very long time, and it feels great to work together. Both Camila and Shawn have been speckled holding hands and devoting quality time together.

Till now, no one of them accepted the relationship, but the fans have abundant evidence to believe that the two of them are very much in love.

Camila also talked about how she is not certainly in touch with any of the Fifth Harmony members. The singer adds that there is no animosity between them and her, and their lives took an independent course. Fifth Harmony members had also performed at the VMA’s in 2017.

Camila further spoke about the Taylor Swift and Scooter Braun story. She told it ought to be heart cracking for Taylor not to have held of the masters and that she appreciates Taylor’s point of view.

She also claimed on how she feels about being a public figure generally-the kind whose love affair would get tabloid attention.