Netflix Unveils Trailer The Crown Season 5, Receives Backlash

The series has now received a “fictional” disclaimer

The Crown returns with its fifth season, which is probably the one fans have been dying to see. The most controversial period in the royal family’s life happened during the ’90s when Princess Diana had major trouble with the queen, and Prince Charles began his affair. But with it came the backlash, mainly from people in power who had been requesting it for two years or more. Let’s read in detail below.

The Crown Disclaimer

The Crown

The YouTube description for the series says the fifth season of The Crown will feature the fictional dramatisation of how Queen Elizabeth II’s reign changed due to many political and personal events, and that it is inspired by real events. This disclaimer wasn’t present in any of the other seasons, showing the sensitivity of the story.

Many, including former Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden, demanded that a “health warning” must be played so that viewers are clear that the story is a work of fiction. However, no such warning came in the trailer, but only in the description. However, Netflix used the line in the official The Crown page on social media and in press releases.

Additionally, Queen Elizabeth II’s death is still fresh on everyone’ mind, and to portray her and the new King Charles in such a light will be very tricky. A-lister Dame Judi Dench also criticized the show for “crude sensationalism.”

Release Date

The Crown

As for the story, season 5 will take place in the early ’90s after Margaret Thatcher leaves her post, and Princess Diana and Prince Charles at a breaking point. The new cast includes Imelda Staunton, Elizabeth Debicki and Dominic West, replacing Olivia Colman, Emma Corrin, and Josh O’Connor in major roles. Johnny Lee Miller joins as Prime Minister John major.

The Crown season 5 releases on November 9 on Netflix.