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Netflix: ‘Raising Dion’ starring Michael B. Jordan releasing on October 4! The first look of trailer makes are pretty supernatural! Checkout how that affects Dion!

Netflix's new series Raising Dion is a supernatural sci-fi drama that will stream from 4th October.

Michael B. Jordan’s Netflix original ‘Raising Dion’ is set to hit our screens. Find out all the details here.

Netflix is coming up with several news shows and returning with new seasons. One such in the list is the superhero science fiction family drama, Raising Dion, whose official trailer was released by Netflix on September 18th. The show based on the comic book by Dennis Liu stars the renowned actor Michael B. Jordan, who is also serving as the executive producer for the show.

Raising Dion

As the name suggests, the show premises a story of a woman, Nicole played by Alisha Wainwright, raising her eight-year-old son, Dion played by Ja’Siah Young after demise her husband. She is trying to cope up with the newly developed superpowers of her young son with the help of a friend while the mother-son duo is trying to make their way in the way alone. The trial and tribulation of a single parent increase manifolds when Dion starts to behave mysteriously. He begins to manifest several mysterious, superhero-like abilities.

Netflix’s new series Raising Dion is a supernatural sci-fi drama that will stream from 4th October.

Now, Nicole only wants to protect her son, trying to keep his powers unrevealed to safeguard him from the antagonists wanting to exploit little Dion, while trying to figure the origin of his powers.

Official Trailer

The trailer provides a clear idea to viewers regarding the roller-coaster ride that awaits them. The trailer started on an emotional note with Nicole and Dion FaceTiming his dad; Mark Reese, played by Michael Jordan, who emphasizes that their son is special. As the 1 minute 52 seconds trailer progresses, viewers witness several scenarios where Dion behaves supernaturally. Nicole soon picks up the strange behavior of his son but is unable to comprehend it, and thus, begins the voyage of a mother to safeguard her son.

The trailer might have given some spoilers for the major sequences in the show, but none the less, they have only added to the excitement. The tone of the overall trailer is softer than compared to other shows of the same genre.


The show will release on 4th October on Netflix. It will air nine one-hour episodes. Check the trailer below.