Netflix “Daybreak”: Trailer released! Teenage version of “Walking dead”? Will the teenagers be able to save themselves from Apocalyptic Dystopia??

The first trailer for Netflix’s upcoming series Daybreak released and it seems the show manages to combine teen drama and dystopic together. Centered around teenagers in Glendale, California, Daybreak follows the lives of teenagers in high school in an apocalyptic world.

The one minute trailer reveals that due to a nuclear blast, all the adults have turned into zombie-like creatures referred to as “ghoulies.” The teenagers decide to group together for safety and to survive in this apocalyptic dystopia. As showrunner Aron Eli Coleite put it, “That’s how we get through this: with our friends.”

The cast features Colin Ford (Supernatural) as Josh Wheeler, who is the new kid in the group. He teams up with Wesley Fists (Austin Crute) who is a pacifist warrior, and 10-year-old pyromaniac Angelica (Alyvia Alyn Lind). The trio team up to survive in the post-apocalypse Glendale as they look for Josh’s girlfriend Sam (Sophie Simnett) who is missing.

Other cast members include Matthew Broderick as Principal Michael Burr, Krysta Rodriguez, Jeanté Godlock, Gregory Kasyan, and Cody Kearsley. The story spans over 10 episodes and centers around the students. The pre-apocalyptic social divisions seem to stay in place even after the apocalypse, and the changing dynamics intends to keep the viewers engaged.


The show is definitely genre-bending and is being described by Netflix as part samurai saga, part endearing coming-of-age story, and part Battle Royale. Releasing in October, the show is targeting the Halloween lovers and the holiday with its themes.

Based on Brian Ralph’s graphic novel of the same name, Daybreak is set to release on October 24th on Netflix.