Titans’ Season 2 happen to be more exciting with Nightwing’s inevitable debut! Is the theory really correct or just another theory, fans want to know?

Pictures from the set reveal the much-anticipated Nightwing in his suit.

The second season of the superhero sci-fi drama, Titans, which is currently streaming on DC Universe since 6th September is already keeping fans on their toes. The season 1 had ended on a cliff hanger wherein Dick Grayson played by Brenton Thwaites, had hung up his boots and gave up his Robin persona.

From the time, Dick burned his Robin costume that officially marked the end of Robin for him, and fans were waiting to see his transformation into ‘Nightwing’ because Dick could give up being Robin but not the night vigilante. And finally, it seems the inevitable is about to happen. A few pictures from the set cemented fans’ theory and hopes for the debut of Nightwing in the season 2.

A few pictures that have made their way from sets to the internet shows Thwaites decked in the iconic, capeless, black-and-blue suit of the Nightwing. Though we are yet to receive the complete look as Brenton had his back to the camera so we could catch a posterior glimpse, these pictures have asserted Grayson is taking up the mantle of Nightwing after casting away Robin in season 1. Alongside him in the picture was, Rose Wilson aka Deathstroke’s daughter played Chelsea T Zhang, who has debuted in this season, in her full Ravager costume completed with a gigantic eye mask.

Despite the sneak-peeks, fans would still have to wait to see the story unfolding that will lead to Dick’s identity shift and the eventual emergence of the superhero Nightwing. But fans can be assured that the reinvented superhero will occur by the finale of season 2.

Minka Kelly, aka Dove II first dropped a hint for the look. She had shared a video on her social media account that gave an accidental sneak-peek of the costume when the phone camera was zoomed on Thwaites.

The executive producer, Greg Walker, had previously shared when quizzed about Dick’s new vigilante avatar that it’s in the shadows. He had urged fans to stay tuned if they really want Nightwing information in this season, claiming that they’ll be left satisfied by the end of the year.