Netflix “Raising Dion” Denis Liu’s comic book came to life and the superhero’s Secret power is a blessing in disguise!!

Netflix’s Raising Dion is unlike previous comic book adaptation of characters with superpowers. The heroes of Raising Dion are ordinary, which makes a show that is inspiring and moving.

The show, Raising Dion is based on Denis Liu’s comic book of the same name. It follows the story of Nicole Warren played by Alisha Wainwright, who is a widowed young mother who after the death of her husband Mark, played by Michael B. Jordon, is raising her son and our main protagonist 6-year-old Dion, who is played by Ja’Siah Young.

Nicole is not just a single mother who is raising Dion, which makes things more difficult for her is that Dion starts manifesting superpowers. She is alone on this journey, with even her sister not believing her. The situation is complicated, with Mark’s best friend Pat, played by Jason Ritter believing her situation. What makes matters worse, is that there are suspicions around Mark’s death and Dion falls in danger because of his powers.

Raising Dion is at its core a story about a mother and her son, and how Nicole wants what is best for Dion while struggling with the curveballs life keeps sending her way. Nicole is a character worth watching and of the superheroes present in the series, Nicole is one of them. The story is like her story as it is Dion’s story.

One of the other characters to watch out is Sammi Haney’s character of Esperanza, who is Dion’s best friend. She is a fabulous character who is surely going to be an audience favorite. Directed by Carol Barbee, this show is all for female power.

The sci-fi, superhero and comic book story, is brought by Netflix as an engaging show, with a family-oriented story and has the old charms that highlight the heroes of our daily lives, our mothers. With nine episodes, Raising Dion will be available on Netflix from Friday, October 4th.