Netflix has officially canceled the production of Science Fiction Series OA and the idea of wrap up movie is also rejected!

Earlier this month, Netflix made a shocking announcement when it canceled future productions of The OA. The OA is a science fiction series under Netflix Productions. There is also a buzz among fans that Netflix is going to create a wrap-up movie in context to the OA.

Wrap-up movie for the OA?

The OA creators Brit Marling and Zal Batmanglij are reportedly in talks with Netflix for creating a feature film. The creators are also hoping that the film would do justice with all the fans of the OA. The series ‘The OA’ originally was to run for about five seasons. According to reports, Netflix has denied a wrap-up film for ‘The OA’. The reason for this is that the content of three more seasons can’t be justified in a two-hour-long film. Netflix is the producer of ‘The OA’ so another production can’t swoop in to rescue the show. The creator of the Brit Marling bid an emotional farewell to the show through an emotional Instagram post. The casts of ‘The OA’ are also released from their contracts.


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the end of #theoa “ 🐙🍷😭🙏🏽🔑” – last text to Grandma Vu. ((( first image in post drawn by: @vicenteniro )))

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Fans reaction to ‘The OA’ cancellation:

Its a harsh truth for all ‘The OA’ fans to digest. Fans started protesting the cancellation ever since it was made official by Netflix. Hashtags of SaveTheOA went viral on Twitter and Instagram. There were continuous processions and protests to bring back The OA. Some fans went as far as going on a hunger strike. The creators requested the fans to stop the protests and promised them they will do justice to their feelings towards the show. Although, there isn’t any word from Netflix. It will be interesting to see how will Netflix react to these protests of the fans.