Brad Pitt’s new film “Ad Astra” on its way to an opening of $20 million!!

Brad Pitt’s sci-fi adventure film “Ad Astra” releasing on 20th September 2019 is on the way to a $20 million opening according to the early tracking. Ad Astra premiered at the Venice film festival on Thursday. Fox had planned to release the film in May but, Disney shifted its date after buying Fox’s movie assets. James Gray is the director of this film. The budget of Ad Astra is $80 million and, the shooting started in 2017.

The cast and trailers of Ad Astra:
Along with Brad Pitt, the other cast members are Tommy Lee Jones, Ruth Negga, Liv Tyler and, Donald Sutherland. There are two trailers of Ad Astra, the first trailer released in June and the second trailer released in July.



Ad Astra plot:
Astronaut Roy McBride(Brad Pitt) travels to the outer edges of the solar system to find his missing father. On this journey, he unravels a mystery that threatens the survival of humanity on earth. He also uncovers secrets that challenge human existence and its place in the cosmos.

Other Competition:
Along with Ad Astra, two more big-budget films are releasing on 20th September, “Rambo: Last Blood” and, “Downton Abbey.” Both of these movies are estimated to have an opening of around $15 million. So certainly Ad Astra will face a strong challenge from these two films. Although it would be interesting to see which film win’s the audience’s hearts.