Lady Gaga found a new romantic life! Is it with Bradley Cooper?

Lady Gaga’s new Instagram is proof that the “A Star Is Born” actress in love. When it comes to the love life of Lady Gaga, people would say one thing that she has traveled “far from the shallow.” Lady Gaga’s latest Instagram picture revealed that the singer has indeed found her romance in life and is trying her luck out this time.

Lady Gaga has shared a stunning picture of herself from her Instagram account. The pictures have Lady Gaga in the background, and she is completely blurred out. A cream-colored rose is in her hand, and she smelling it. In the foreground, a cream-colored bouquet and warm light of a candle steal the beauty of the picture. The “Bad Romance” singer has captioned this stunning picture with the caption “Italian cook with love” and with a heart emoji.

With this picture, Lady Gaga’s fans were on loose on finding who as to who inspired her for the picture. Little Monsters and fans flooded Lady Gaga’s comments, and most of these comments are about who is her new love interest. People went crazy as they kept asking her who this mystery partner is and a few speculated that it is her co-star, Bradley Cooper.

Bradley Cooper has not only starred in the film “A Star Is Born” but has even directed it. So probably the amount of time Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga spent time together on the film has sparked love between them.

But a lot of these are just rumors. Though Bradley Cooper was seen on a date with a mystery blonde, a few reports have said that it was not Lady Gaga. Bradley Cooper had his date in the romantic Provence wheres Lady Gaga was seen with the new man in her life, Dan Horton. Lady Gaga and Dan Horton have been extremely affectionate towards each other, and this hence has squashed all the rumors about Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper.