NCIS: The Finale Episode Left Fans Shaken and Upset Yet Again as they Voice Out to Creators. Details Below

NCIS the American action detective fiction television series, in which the story revolves around a fictional team of special agents who combine elements of the police procedural genres and military drama and are from the Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS). As of now, CBS has brought NCIS to nearly close by the end of season 17 in which they have ultimately sent Gibbs on a five thousand mile journey.

Although four episodes were yet to be filmed because the shooting was stopped due to the pandemic-related shutdown but in the finale episodes it is seen, Gibbs before leaving took an even bigger step and opened up to a colleague. In the final episodes, the special agents are verifying the claim of a 95-year-old man. The man had almost used a stolen purple heart to affix his ashes upon his extinction.

The special agents pressed Joe Smith, again and again, to fess up his detailed accounts of his attack on Pearl Harbor, but he didn’t. Joe Smith died shortly after a vivid, heartbreaking monologue by him to Gibbs, the story was about how his best buddy did not survive the Day of Infamy, while he barely survived. While Gibbs was getting his ashes to Pearl Harbour, he decided to open up about his own war experience to someone.

Many are making the most of it they have

NCIS co-EP Gina Monreal and co-showrunner Frank Cardea are making the best of it as the finale of the episode is such an important instalment. According to them the episode is special and might come out as an unusual episode as there is no killer or a bad guy. the idea of the pearl harbour episode and getting this story out was important to Frank Cardea and the rest of the cast and crew and the filing of such a delicate topic was hard for the showrunners.