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Pop Sensation Beyonce is Grateful to Meghan Markle for This Reason as Support Pours in for Duke & Duchess of Sussex after Oprah Winfrey Interview

After Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s interview with Oprah Winfrey on Sunday, Beyonce has been voicing her support for Meghan. The pop singer took to her website and posted a sweet and overwhelming message to the Duchess of Sussex in which she thanked Meghan Markle for showing courage and leadership and that is not just strengthened but also inspired everyone.

She wrote the message and also attached a photo of the couple from the UK premiere of The Lion King. Meghan had recently opened up bout her and her family’s exit from the royal family in an interview with Oprah Winfrey, 67 and also discussed how the royal family affected their mental illness.

She shared how ashamed hs e felt on sharing it and admitting to the fact and also because she wanted to stand strong and didn’t wanted to pressurize harry. Beyonce is the latest celeb to encourage Meghan among many of her friends and followers over the past week.

Serena Williams also tweeted and supported her and showed how she stands and defends Meghan Markle and quoted on how she understands the pain and cruelty she has been experiencing.

Patrick J. Adams was active on Twitter with his views

Patrick J. Adams also posted a series of tweets on Friday in the defence of his fictional wife on the set of Suits. The show had begun before Meghan married harry. He said that he and Meghan had spent the most part of the decade together working on the sets of Suits. He added how joyful, cooperative, enthusiastic, kind, giving and supportive member she had been to their television family.

Since the interview of the Duchess and the Duke, Buckingham Palace has given the statement and exclaimed how sad they are after knowing how challenging it has been for the couple. The statement was released by Buckingham Palace on Tuesday on behalf of Queen Elizabeth.


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