Natasha Romanoff aka Black Widow is Your Confident and Badass Woman Who is an Inspiration for Many – A Review

Natasha Romanoff, called a Black Widow, is a very popular character. She is a friend to some and enemies to most, most people fear her because of her attitude. Even though she struggles a lot to be good and help other people and clear up for the bad person she was in her past, she is the one who is still judged. 

Earlier she was not much involved in the business she does right now, but at a young age, she did a  Russian training program which was meant for girls and trained them to become undercover agents. That is how her journey and passion for this work started. 

                                          pic credits- India today

Because of such training, she has been trained very well to fight against the majority and knows a lot of fighting styles such as karate, kung fu, wrestling, etc. which makes her even stronger.  She is the kind of person who never gives up, no matter what the situation, she will always make sure she wins. 

She has a lot of strength and stamina, which makes it easy to fight against even the strongest superheroes.  She wears a bracelet that releases electricity whenever required.  

                      pic credits- unknown

She feels that problems are relevant they’ll keep coming, but if we keep crying over every single thing life won’t do us any good. Because of such motivation lines, she is very popular and loved.  

Talking about her special skills, not only powerful but she was really good at hacking computers as well. Whenever some information had to be gained, she was the one contacted.  She was always loyal to her allies and cruel to her enemies, which made her trustworthy.  The way she looks, the way she grabs everyone’s attention just by her amazing personality is what makes her one of the best characters.