Decades have Passed, but Spider-man’s Persistent Popularity hasn’t Faded! He will Always be Our Favourite Superhero – A Review

Spider-man is one of the most loved and popular superheroes all over the world.  He has not only appeared in a few films but many. Why is it he is so much loved and popular? 

It is because no matter what the problem, he makes sure he uses his power for not his own benefits, but to save humanity and mankind. He is just concerned about spreading positivity and making sure everyone feels safe and has a good life, which makes his best character and the most adored by people. 

He makes sure whatever happens in his life; he never lets his sacrifice end for others. He is always seen fighting with other evil persons, not because he is interested in gaining popularity but because he wants everyone to be safe. He is not interested in becoming an epic hero. It is not always that he manages to save people; there are times that he loses as well. Times when he feels that everything is falling apart, and he has nothing left to succeed in. 

                                                   Pic credits- Ndtv                                                           

The lessons he gave to the audience will always make him feel special,  he taught us how to persevere even during hardship and never to get involved in a bad fight, but take it in a positive way. The things he taught us will always be remembered even if he doesn’t return now. 

                               Pic credits- den of greek

He is the kind of person who never gives up. Whatever comes, no matter what odds, he will make sure he always wins. He is one of the best characters seen in comics and films, and what makes him special and better from the rest is his amazing personality and his strong determination.