Lelouch vi Britannia: A Rebellious Character that Acquired Fans’ Love Worldwide – A Review

Talk of anime and the character Lelouch vi Britannia is what pops into one’s mind for the top few roles. Yes, the most loved show that has continued to remain on top, the anime series Sunrise, Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion is what pops into our minds at first due to its popularity. 

Who is Lelouch, and why is he so famous in the series?

The character has redefined all the meanings of bravery and efforts. The character is the head or the leader of the resistant movement, also known as The Black Knights, which has the ultimate aim to destroy the Holy Britannia Empire, which is an imperial monarchy which is under the rule of his father. Yes, you guessed it right. The character, Lelouch, has taken an expedition to break the rule of his father.

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Despite that, readers must be surprised why the character is an all-time favorite of all. Well, the reason lied with the aim and the thoughts under which that step is being taken. Lelouch is a good wisher of the people of the land under the conquer of his father. The character is seen being ruthless by devastating the empires that he wished to win. What remains unique to that character is that he is loved by all, despite the violence that he has taken up in his life and made it his ultimate life aim.

Public’s response to the character

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The character has been nominated as the most popular mala character rin the year 2006, 2007, and 2008 for three years consecutively. Several magazines have given him the title of the most loved character of the decade. No doubt, the character has been accepted positively from the receiving end and continues to gain the same recognition.