Naming “Cardi B and Jim Jones” In His Explosive Testimony Against Fellow Gang Members: Tekashi 6ix9ine.


Rapper Tekashi 69 on Thursday named individual rapper Jim Jones as an individual from the Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods pack, a confirmation that shocked the court and individuals following the preliminary via web-based networking media. Tekashi, whose original name is Daniel Hernandez, is on initial for racketeering, sedate dealing, and different wrongdoings, and was asked by investigators what jones’ identity was.

“He is a resigned rapper,” Hernandez said in a Manhattan government court.

“Is he an individual from the Nine Trey Bloods group?” examiners inquired.

Hernandez answered, “Yes.”

Hernandez additionally named Cardi B as an individual from the pack. She has freely discussed her association with the posse previously, most as of late in a 2018 profile by previous GQ author Caity Weaver. He used to fly off with his homies, Cardi said. “What is more, they would state, ‘Yo; you will get it popping. You should return home. You should turn Blood. ‘

Moreover, he did. Indeed, he did. What is more, something that — dislike, gracious, you leave? You do not move.”

Jones’ and Cardi’s delegates did not quickly react to demands for input. In any case, individuals on Twitter had bounty to state.

Hernandez, 23, was a rising star with a polarizing picture. His single “Gummo” — which included individuals from the Bloods in the music video — was a viral achievement; however, his relationship with Nine Trey may have taken away his freedom before he had the option to take off as a craftsman completely. Nine Trey is a road group related to fierce violations, including endeavored murder and furnished theft. In court on Wednesday, Hernandez was solicited to decode the verses from “Gummo,” which is loaded down with posse related words like “Blicky.”

Via web-based networking media, when the expression of Hernandez’s choice to out individuals from the posse started to flow, he was utterly condemned by people who named him “Tekashi Snitch Nine.” Other rappers ringed in also, including Meek Mill and Snoop Dogg.