My Hero Academia Season 5 will have Special Attention on the Various Dynamics between the Characters! Details Below

While fans cannot get enough of anime series, one of the popular anime not only renewed for a brand new season but lap made a major revelation about the upcoming plot as well.

What Can We Expect From My Hero Academia Season 5?

It is time to rejoice as hit anime series My Hero Academia will be returning for a fifth season, but fans are also in for several plot twists in the upcoming fifth season. Apart from focusing more on the rivalry between 1st year Class A and Class B, the fifth season will be unpacking more twists and turns. However, fans still have to wait a while longer as the official social media account has announced that the gang will be returning on 2021!

This is not the only twist that we might see, the production house made fans all the more excited with the release of a short sneak peek into the upcoming fifth season. Here’s the social media post of My Hero Academia 5!

A Short Teaser Has Been Released For The Brand New Season 5!

The biggest speculation regarding the fourth season plot is that fans might get to see more of Endeavor and his complicated relationship with his family. Apart from that, the makers are also planning to delve deeper into the backstory of Tomura as well.

This implies that fans are in for some major revelations revolving around all the leading characters in the upcoming fifth season. We sure are excited and the official social media account is already creating quite a hype with exciting posts and fans might be seeing more of Endeavor in the upcoming fifth season of the popular anime series that is airing so time around 2021.