Company Outbreak: What is the Reason behind the Long Delay for Season 2? We might have an Answer for Fans

While fans are already spoilt with choices when it comes to back to back new anime release, some are also curious about some of the old shows that are yet to renew another new season and we wonder when are these new seasons going to air.

Is Anime Series Company Outbreak Season 2 Happening Anytime Soon?

One such anime series named Company Outbreak made its debut long back in October, 2013  and the first season ended on December of the same year. However, fans are wondering why the makers have not yet released a second season after so many years.

As the central protagonist of the anime, Shinichi Kanou isolates and drowns himself in the world of manga, anime, and video games. However, he soon wished to break free and that’s when he is kidnapped and ends up in the magical and mysterious world of Eldant Empire. How will Kanou tackle this sudden train of events? Well, that’s what the series is all about the aftermath where Kanou adapts himself to this new found land.

The First Season Of The Anime Series Aired Long Back In 2013!

While the first season received a positive response from fans, there has been no new development regarding the second season yet. Moreover, after such a long gap we wonder whether a second season is even happening or not.

It is no new news that how expensive these manga-based shows are, with the ongoing pandemic terror and other things at hand, the process might have slowed down than usual. We might get a surprise announcement of a second season happening sometime around 2021. Till then it seems like we all have to wait for the next chapter to unveil in the anime series.