My Hero Academia: How long do we wait for Season 5 ? Expected release date, plot and teaser

After the success of season 4, ‘My Hero Academia’ is all set to come up with season 5 soon. it is well praised Manga series penned and illustrated by Kohei Horikoshi.

It is one of the most popular Japanese Manga turn animation television series. However, four successful seasons prompted the producer to come with season 5. The manga series turned into an animated television series by the Bones in 2016.

The first season was released in Japan on April 3, 2016, and the second season was aired in April 2017. Following by the third season broadcasted on 7 April 2018 then season 4 released on October 12, 2020, which Indian recently on April 4, 2020. After finishing season 4, fans and audiences are waiting for season 5 to come.

When to expect Season 5 of ‘My Hero Academia’?

Season 4 of ‘My Hero academia ended on Apr 4, 2020? Therefore it is confirmed that season 5 will not be released this year as there is not talk about season 5 release date.

However, by analyzing the structure of the release date it is expected that season 5 will be launched around Apr 2021. So, we have to wait at least for one year to unfold the season 5.


Teaser and Plot of Season 5:

Check out the teaser of season 5 here!


The teaser released after the end of season 4, featured Midoriya Izuku(Deku)  who saw a nightmare in a dorm room. In the dream, he saw a long queue of people, who looks similar to the past user of One for All. Among them, one person told him that he is a ninth user of One for All.

After that Deku woke up and took a deep breath, while new power seems to be glowing from his hand. Thereafter the teaser ended with a title ‘to be continued for season 5’.

To conclude, season 5 will be continued from where the teaser ended.