Read to know about the most disputed couple on DC- Stargirl and Shazam. Every detail here!

When the two at long last getaway, the Shadowlands, Billy, and Courtney begin dating – despite the fact that there’s one clear issue. Since Billy and Courtney invest the majority of their energy as superheroes – and since he resembles a grown-up as Captain Marvel, his playing with Stargirl is viewed as unseemly by his colleagues (who don’t have the foggiest idea about his actual age). All things considered, Captain Marvel just dates Courtney as Billy Batson, who inclines toward his high school personality.

Be that as it may, in the end, Jay Garrick (the first Flash) communicates his interests to Captain Marvel. While enticed to uncover the reality of his mystery personality to the others, Captain Marvel discovers his Wisdom of Solomon keeps him from doing as such.

Unfit to see another choice, Captain Marvel flies to Courtney’s window and reveals to her he’s leaving the Justice Society. Despite the fact that Courtney implores him to switch back to Billy Batson so he won’t be impacted by the divine beings enabling him, Captain Marvel takes off, saying a final farewell to Courtney before their relationship can turn into an outrage. A long time later, in any case, Billy loses his forces and concedes his actual character to the Justice Society of America, recognizing to Stargirl that their relationship may have worked out on the off chance that he’d been straightforward before.

Billy and Courtney figure out how to reconnect, yet before their relationship can go anyplace, the DC universe is rebooted in the New 52 occasion. While this obviously deletes Captain Marvel/Shazam and Stargirl’s concise relationship, the two meet again in the new universe and uncover a passing fascination.

Incidentally, while the two were a similar age in the pre-New 52 universes, in the rebooted course of events, Stargirl might be a couple of years more seasoned than Billy’s ordinary young structure, making her age an issue. It’s convoluted, yet on account of retcons and the intensity of Shazam, Billy Batson may never get an opportunity to date somebody his own age. Particularly when that age continually changes.