After a Long Delay, ‘Mount and Blade II’ has Finally Arrived Across All the Devices

Mount and Blade 2 is the second part of the mount and blade- Warband.  However, it was announced that mount and blade two would be released in 2012, but that did not happen, and the new Version of the game was launched this year. 

The game is available to stream on almost all the devices such as PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, and also Nintendo switch. 

Mount and blade 2 is a continuing series of the first part. The first part of the game was released ten years ago in 2010.  Talking about the theme and format of this latest version, it is the same as the previous one.  

                                                         pic credits- express


The game revolves around several people, who live in several kingdoms and complete their own missions. 

Talking about the update, this time, the game has shown various improvements. No new features are being introduced; now, there is a feature for communication, through which the player playing can talk with other players playing at the same time and ask for any advantages. About the graphics as well, there is an improvement this time. 

                                 Pic credits- seven news


The Version available to access is an early version with not many features, but this new feature available is really beneficial. 

Coming to the reviews of the game, people really look forward to this game, and the game has managed to attract a lot of fans. But however, some people did have negative comments as well, saying it could’ve done better, and most of the people said that this Version is a brilliant one, and it was worth that it took so much time. 

So the reviews about the new Version are mixed. Some call it a waste of time, and some call it worth the wait. 

So if you want to know what actually is true, you can play the game.