In a Tragic Turn of Events, Flash Actor, ‘Logan Williams,’ Died From an Opioid Overdose as Revealed by his Mom

Logan Williams’ untimely death is the testament for the evils of addiction. 

Logan Williams, who had starred as young Barry Allen in CW’s The Flash, had died on April 2 at the age of 16, just a few days ahead of his 17th birthday on April 9, and his mother is finally opening up about the tragic death.

Marlyse Williams explained that toxicology results showed them that her son had passed away due to a fentanyl overdose after struggling with opioid addiction for three years. His mother hopes that his story is going to be useful for others who are struggling with addiction and will raise awareness so that no mother goes through what she did.

Marlyse explained to New York Post her son’s death would not be in vain and that this news is going to help a lot of people.

Logan’s TV Career 

Source: Yahoo News

Williams appeared in 8 episodes of the Flash series, and his last appearance was in season 2’s premiere in 2015, as per IMDB. He also played parts in Supernatural, The Whispers, and When Calls the Heart. 

Marlyse told that they were reluctant to share the cause for his death as they feared the judgment, embarrassment, and criticism that it’s sure to bring. They also did their best to help him overcome his addiction. She revealed that they had remortgaged their home so that Logan could go to an expensive treatment facility in the United States and another one in British Columbia.

She said she last saw her son four days before his death when they enjoyed a home-cooked meal together. He had promised her then that he was going to overcome his addictions and will be starting a new life.