Mortal Kombat Poster Has Been Released! The Poster by BossLogic Features Spawn

Mortal Kombat 11‘s newest poster has been released and it has given the best look for Spawn for us yet. Final Kombat is about to be set upon us in the next month. The Mortal Kombat tournament will start on the 8th of March this year. The first look of Spawn will be showcased in NetherRealm’s trailer. The trailers will be portraying the character’s moves and one fatality at least.

Spawn in the new poster

Good news for fans, they are getting an early look for Mortal Kombat 11. NetherRealm on its official Twitter account posted an image of Final Kombat‘s poster. It shows Spawn’s face along with Shang Tsung which was one of the earlier Kombat Pack DLC character. Since the voice actors of both the characters will be at the Final Kombat, therefore, featuring their faces at the poster is sensible.

Kode A, or @BossLogic, who generally makes superhero posters, made the poster for Spawn. The artist is from Melbourne and he was recently refused from entering the United States when he was on his flight to LA. So he was supposed to make it for Final Kombat 2020. Hopefully, he can attend the event on March 8th.

In the picture which is available below, Spawn can be seen clearly. The picture is from the official Mortal Kombat 11 website and you can take a clearer look at Spawn from here.

NetherRealm Studios

We can expect green energy shots in numerous amounts and a lot of chain-based attacks. But it is still a mystery.

When is it releasing?

Spawn will release on Mortal Kombat 11 on the 17th of March. Non-Kombat Pack users will have to wait a week before getting Spawn.