Batwoman’s Latest Episode has a Big Loophole! Read More to Find Out.

The purpose of making a show is to make viewers to observe the way things take place with their own eyes, rather than just being spoon fed. Just the viewers know that the plot has moved forward off-screen leads to disappointment. The latest episode of Batwoman is a proper instance

The most recent episode of Batwoman is  saw Alice kill Catherine Hamilton-Kane, Kate Kane’s step-mother. The villain arranged Jacob Kane for the murder of his wife, which made him stuck in prison for the last few episodes while his family and friends try to prove his innocence. In the most recent episode, “Drink Me,” however, Jacob Kane can been seen out of the courthouse, with journalists asking him how it feels to be made free of all charges, without any proper explanation.

Source: CW Network

This premise of this plot seemingly came out of the blue, with nothing building up to it in the previous episodes. The latest instant that fought the issue was Mary Hamilton reaching out to Ethan Campbell, who turned out to be August Cartwright, Mouse’s father and Alice’s captor. Its not sure if August was going to help Jacob prove his innocence. It was apparently left up in the clouds of confusion, as they keep that story on the sideliness to explore how Mouse felt about being faced by his father.

It’s very rare to see a team of writers being so callous and spelling out what the viewers is seeing on screen. From the outside, it might look like the powers that be were tired of Jacob being in prison, so they further pushed it out of the way with as little concern as possible. But whatever the consequences may be, it’s such a drastic misstep in the plot that it can’t really be disregarded.