Monsta X Vocalist Wonho leaves the band amidst allegations from former acquaintance! Peep in to know further!

Wonho exited MONSTA X just three days from its comeback album Follow: Find You. Starship Entertainment posted the announcement on their official page. The post shared that the sub-vocalist is leaving the band, though amicably.

Withdrawal from the band life:

Later, Wonho posted a handwritten letter explaining his reasons for the withdrawal. He apologized for causing grief to his fans. Further, he thanked MONSTA X for his great memories and upliftment in career.

Also, Wonho accepted that he was immature at a time but after thriving in the career he decided to balance himself. Still, he took responsibility for his personal issues that are harming the band’s image. The allegations against him garnered him a lot of backlashes, bashing and criticism.

So he decided to leave. But requested his fans to provide the same love and request to the band. Since he did not want his criticism to be an obstacle in the returning band’s career he has stepped down.

On the other hand, Starship Entertainment declared that the scheduled promotional tours would take place as scheduled. However, it is now a six-member group.

Wonho fans took to social media to express shock, despair, and anger. They want the vocalist to go on hiatus. At least not leave the group permanently.

What started it all?

The root of all this is the claim by Jung Da Eun that he is indebted to her. They were co-stars in Comedy TV’s variety show Ulzzang Shidae.

It is rumoured that he didn’t pay her back. Wonho starred in the show before joining MONSTA X in 2015.

Then on October 29, Jung Da Eun posted Wonho’s photo asking him to return her money.

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호석아 내 돈은 대체 언제갚앙?ㅋㅋㅋ

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Following this, Han Seo Hee commented on the post revealing that the amount was 30 million won i.e $ 35,700. Though Starship Entertainment rebuffed the claim.

The further allegations:

Then, Da Eun received criticism for underage driving. As a minor, she drove illegally. The resultant backlash named her a murderer in training. 

Seo Hee came to her defense while blaming Wonho. She shared that Wonho also broke the rules. According to her, his minor driving landed him in the Juvenile Detention Center. Further, she asked the criticized now would they call the singer a murderer too! Now that both have done the same ‘crime’.

Consequently, Seo Hee posted on Instagram lashing out on the South Korean singer again. She called him profanity and asked him to cough up the money he owes to Da Eun.

In fact, the girls are involved in a relationship. That is why Seo Hee is too involved in this affair. After denying rumors of their link-up they both finally agreed that yes they are dating on October 7. Actually, longer than we all think. The sparks of the rumors flew when Han Seo Hee and Jung Da Eun were photographed on a vacation in Vietnam.

Now it remains to be seen what the whole issue churns into.