Money Heist: The Most Viewed Non-American Show On Netflix Is Back. Check Out all the Details for Season 4

Money heist aka La Casa de Papel is a Spanish television crime drama that originally aired on network Antena 3, and consisted of 15 episodes. Later, the streaming giant, Netflix, acquired global streaming rights, thereby releasing web series worldwide.

Netflix segmented 15 episodes into 22 new episodes and released it in two parts, in December 2017 and April 2018 respectively.  Series outshined with its unique plotline and regress secretiveness. In 2018 Netflix renewed the series with a massive upgrade in the budget. The third season aired in July 2019 while season four will be on screen on 3 April 2020.

Goosebumps Ensuring Plot: Is Nairobi Alive?

With the uncertain ending of the last season, the viewers are eager to know what’s going to happen. The dramatic cliffhanger ended with leaving the fate of many characters uncertain. Nairobi, a member of the gang was shot gravely, spectators are eager to know her fate.

The story is personified by Tokyo, who is part of a gang of eight robbers code-named after cities – Tokyo, Moscow, Berlin, Nairobi, Rio, Denver, Helsinki, and Oslo. in Season 1 and 2, the gang enters into Royal Mint in disguise and take 67 hostages, plans to print 2.4 billion dollars and escape through a self-built tunnel as Professor guides them from an external location. However, the gang loses Berlin and Oslo in the process.

What makes show more interesting is flashbacks throughout the series, dark secret that keeps up the craving for the show and interpersonal relations between the gang.

“War Has Begun” Ending Of Season 3

with loss of Berlin and Oslo in the Season 2, Season 3 begins as a rescue mission to relieve captive Rio from Europol. Professor and Raquel get back the gang and introduces three new members into the team. Professor and Berlin work on the plan. But things don’t work out as planned.  Leaving the whole team disrupted. Nairobi is shot in the chest, Lisbon is captive of police and Professor is trapped.