Money Heist Season 4, ready to unfold with more twists!! ¿Quién salvará La Casa de Papel ahora?

The Spanish television series, Money Heist(La Casa de Papel) ended its season 3 on a thrilling note, leaving fans wondering how will the next season unfold. The fans are on the verge of their excitement after the final episode(Astray) of season 3 aired on 19th July. Every fan has only one question in their mind when will the next season release and what will happen.

Money Heist Season 3 ending:

The last episode(Astray) of season 3 was merely a treat for the fans. In Season 3 there are many flashbacks to the planning room. Showing, El Professor revealing small details about how will the gang escape the bank. However, with the suspicion of Raquel’s execution tactics changes. The professor and Libson work together to guide the thieves inside the Bank of Spain. Their goal is to steal 90 tons of gold and enter the vault which holds the government’s secret.

Although it might have cost them Nairobi’s life. Rio and Tokio also blasted the army tank that was about to enter the bank. Meanwhile, the gang tries to convince the police that they are escaping to create a diversion. Although it was a good plan, unfortunately, it fails and, police are sending the armored vehicle to break the door.

Season 4 release date, cast, and speculations:

The release date of season 4 is not official yet, but the production is on the way for season 4. Although there is no fixed pattern of release date speculations are that the season 4 is coming soon.
The cast for season 4 will include Morte, Corbero, de la Serna, Herran, Peros, Nimri, Lopez, Peric, Acebo, Keuchkerian and Flores.

In a recent Netflix recap, Nairobi did not appear so according to many fans it’s her, end.
Everyone is speculating how will, the gang escape the bank. There are many fans speculations, one being that Berlin’s ex-girlfriend Tatiana might come to their rescue.

Money Heist breaking records:

Money Heist Season 3 broke all the records by having the best week global result ever for a Netflix Non-English series. It is also officially the most-watched Netflix series of all time, in any language, in many countries around the world. Although season 4 is in production everyone is expecting it to shatter many more records.