Twitter went crazy on the Cold war between James Charles and our “Stranger Things” star Millie Bobby Brown!!

The American Internet Personality James Charles and the Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown are in the limelight for quite some time. The Youtuber also asked Millie Bobby Brown for a collab last month on social media when she was live on Instagram. According to the fans, Millie’s reaction to this was confusing. She also ignored this comment. Now, the buzz is that she doesn’t like James Charles, and they both are also now in the ‘frenemy’ relationship.

What led to the feud between James and Millie:

Millie and James are good friends for a long time. James Charles is one of many who wants to do a collab with Millie. On July 11, Millie took to Instagram to answer some questions of the fans and also have an interactive session with her fans. James thought it was the right opportunity to ask Millie for a collab. James wrote in the comments, “Millie, let’s film a makeup video & talk abt season 3 hehe.” To this, the reaction of Millie made the fans convinced that she didn’t like this idea. Fans also assumed that she doesn’t like Charles and is not fond of him. A string of hilarious tweets followed this event.

The current scenario between James and Millie:

Recently, James Charles also released his new video on youtube, which shows screenshots of their conversation on Instagram. The conversation doesn’t look like a feud at all. James Charles’s video is about asking different Celebrities about the make up they use and give their feedback about it. James Charles asked, “Do you want to participate and tell me which blush I should use?” To which Brown replied, “Aww that sounds fun! Sure thing, I like Charlotte Tilbury. Any shade u want, you’ll look BOOTIFULLL.”

Although none of them commented anything regarding the rumor, if the fans are to believe, then there is a cold war going on between the two. But from all the scenarios we can say that things between them are cool for now