Milo Ventimiglia Breaks Down his Character Jack Pearson from ‘This is Us’ for Fans

Milo Ventimiglia’s on his ‘This is Us’ Character Jack Pearson

The American drama series ‘This is us’ has left the fans all confused in their recent season. The fate of the character Jack Pearson played by Milo Ventimiglia, has been one tough puzzle to crack since the beginning of the show. But the most recent episode titled “Don’t Let Me Keep You” told a heart wrenching story about Pearson. The episode focused on how he never really got to know his mother before her death.

Jack Pearson’s character has really been quite interesting. All throughout the different seasons of the show, Jack’s character has been quite important, even after his death he appears in the show one way or another.

Milo Ventimiglia on Jack Pearson in This is Us
Instagram/ Milo Ventimiglia

Pearson’ Character Arc

Jack Pearson has played a key role in the series even after his death. There is a lot that is being unveiled about his character, both good and bad. Actor Milo Ventimiglia’s broke down his character in ‘This is Us’, he spoke about how he struggles with relationships. He got his mother move to Ohio, to live with her cousin in order to escape from his abusive father.

The latest episode mainly revolved around how Jack barely knew anything about his mother and how Jack was oblivious about her boyfriend, her sense of humor, her love for poetry.

Milo Ventimiglia on Jack Pearson in This is Us
Instagram/Milo Ventimiglia

What Can We Expect from Jack’s Character

Ventimiglia also spoke about what else the viewers can expect from his character as we get closer to the finale. In the interview, he opened up about the emotions he went through while shooting a scene wherein he says “I don’t have a mom anymore”.

He admits that that scene was tough to perform for him. He goes on to say that Jack is always present in the show. He is present in small things such as the kids’ behaviour and the things they say. Ventimiglia says that we will see who Jack truly was!