Alicia Witt Pens Down An Emotional Post After Her Parent’s Demise

Alicia Witt has finally bares her heart on the sudden demise of her parents

Alicia Witt has finally opened up herself on the sudden demise of her parents. The Walking Dead actress’s parents were found dead at their residence in Worcester, Massachusetts. Her parents were found dead on 20th Dec with no evidence following their death. Alicia has however taken some time to finally have a say on her parents death that has broken her.

Alicia Witt penned down an emotional post remembering her parents

Alicia Witt
Instagram / Alicia Witt

Robert Witt and Diane Witt aged 87 and 75 respectively were living alone in Worcester, and were found dead. A relative visiting them at their home found out about them. After more than a month, the Dune actress has penned down an emotional post straight from her heart. She has described in her post about her relationship with her parents who are no more.

The actress shared how her parents refused to take help from her even if she begged for it. The 46-years-old actress shared in her post that she hadn’t entered her parent’s home for about a decade. Alicia shared that her parents never thought their daughter had any right to intervene into their life. She has penned a long post bidding a final goodbye to her parents whom she would never see again.

Actress’s parent’s death is being investigated

Instagram / Alicia Witt

The Orange Is The New Black Actress has not revealed the reason behind her parent’s demise. However, investigation is being done to find the real reason why both her parents died. Actress has attended her parent’s burial and memorial service in Worcester though.

Yet investigation is held with the Witt’s neighbours as they can say a lot about the reason behind their death. One of the Witt’s neighbour told the investigators that they had given a space heater to the Witt family after their furnace went out of order.

Moreover, investigators have found no carbon monoxide at Alicia’s parent’s home that could have been emitted from the heater. Investigation has refuted any external interference as the cause of death though.