Mia Khalifa left adult films because she wasn’t making enough Money?? She open up her income from adult films. Check out..!!

By 4 months ago

Mia Khalifa, also known as Mia Callista, is an American webcam model. She was formerly a porn start ( 2014 to 2015 ). She began her acting career in 2014. Her career met with a lot of controversies when she performed sexual acts while wearing an Islamic Hijab. Hijab is worn by Muslim women in the presence of another male ( outside the family).  Just in a span of one year in the porn industry, Khalifa gained fame. She left the industry, just after one year to pursue her hobby.

People think that Khalifa has earned a lot of money through porn. Such data are incorrect. She did not make millions in the industry. She has clearly mentioned the amount she earned. She earned around 12000 dollars.  Undoubtedly she was a top-rated star at porn hub, but she did not make millions.
Mia also spoke about the controversy she has faced. Mia wore a Hijab in one of her adult films. She got ISIS death threat, as according to them she had insulted hijab as well as Islam. Mia was banned in a few countries as well. She was involved in adult films for a concise period of time.
She topped the list of a porn actress, even after leaving the industry for five years. According to lorn site data, she was the most searched actress in 2016 ( she left the industry in 2015 ).  Even her fan club has grown to a great extent. From around 400 followers on Instagram, it got stretched to 2 million, just in a span of six months.
Mia has cleared all misconceptions regarding her income from adult films. After leaving the porn industry, Khalifa worked in Miami as a paralegal and bookkeeper. Mia would be hosting SportsBall along with Tyler Coe. She posted a post regarding her income on Instagram. The post cleared misconceptions regarding Mia’s income.