Melrose Place Star Amy Locane Is Facing Eight Years In Prison Due To The Drink And Drive Crash Accident!

It exactly isn’t good news for actress Amy Locane who is in grave trouble and here’s all about how the small screen star is facing a severe prison sentence.

Melrose Place Actress Amy Locane Facing Severe Prison Sentence!

Amy Locane who become a household name after playing the role of Sandy Harling in Melrose Place has been sentenced eight years in prison for being behind drunk and driving accidents back in 2010 that killed sixty-year-old Helene Seeman.

The New Jersey judge thought that the original punishment that was given to the actress was way too lenient and now she will be serving an eight-year prison sentence for killing the sixty-year-old while drunk and driving.

TheNew Jersey  Judge Felt The Actress Did Not Take Full Responsibility.

New Jersey Superior Court Judge Angela Borkowski made the hearing and sentenced to Melrose Place star to eight years prison sentence. The court argues that the actress has still not taken full responsibility for her guilt in the crash. The accident happened back in 2009 and the actress have earlier served two years.

The accident took place back in 2009 when Locane’s car crashed into Fred Seeman. His wife Helene Seeman was also.present in the car who passed away in the crash while Fred suffered several injuries. Fred has further argued that Locane has not yet taken the full blame to which the judge agreed staring that she should have taken a ride back home knowing that she is unfit for driving. She could have avoided the whole accident. Locane’s lawyer is not happy with the verdict saying that the actress has taken full responsibility and undertaken necessary measures as well. She will be pleading to reconsider the verdict it seems.