Jama Duggar Is Making Some Major Changes For Her Dating Life Ahead! Check out to know what we are talking about!

It seems like Counting On star Jana Duggar recently opened up about her love life and dating life and what else is she expecting from her life of romance from now on!


Jana Duggar Opens Up Aout Her Changed Perspective About Her Love Life!

The thirty years old star has stated that she is going to have a more relaxed approach when it comes to finding her future partner with not given too much stress over it. She has further admitted that she has been a bit too strict about her dating life which she is going to change from now on.


She will be thus, relaxing her dating requirements, earlier she wanted to find someone from a particular geographical place but this will be changing now that she has grown to be fond of traveling. She has been travelling a bit and seems to find a new lease for life and also a whole new perspective on life and dating life!



She Has Confessed To Face Pressure For Dating!

So now she has decided that if she loves the guy, she is willing to follow him to the ends of the world! Duggar further said that she will be whenever he is but she hasn’t found the one yet. The search is still on it seems! With most of her siblings settling down, there must be some pressure but the star remains cool about her days as the single one!



For now, she says she is pretty content with her single status. Earlier she has admitted that she jas been facing the pressures of dating but she is not that worried and is making the most of her single years.