Britney Spears Social Media Posts Are Igniting Major Curiosity And Controversy Amongst Fans! Look for more details!

It seems like, amidst all the controversial upheavals, Britney Spears is again making headlines due to all the Instagram pictures she has been posting lately. Her ongoing legal battle has ignited major drama and now her social media aims also seem to be igniting questions amongst fans.

Britney Spears’ Images Are Igniting Fans’ Curiosity!

While fans have been questioning her mental.stability and shown their concerns over Spears’ images which looks a bit disarrayed, the singing sensation has been clearing the air saying she is all okay and these pictures have a meaning. Britney Spears have addressed  the issue and said that while she is completely aware of how the dress has been repeated , but this is done for project rose!

She has described that the repetition of these dresses and the background and backyard set photos are a part of the Project Rose! Fans are not really convinced it seems. 

Fans Are Questioning The Authenticity Of These Images!

The whole controversy has reached to such a point that fans are even claiming that some of the images on Instagram are literally screenshots from earlier videos. Fans are not be believing anything that the pop star is posting lately and pointing fingers at the whole issue.

Moreover, the singer recently shared a picture on social mediarecalling her beautiful trip in Maui.  She was seen horse riding while enjoying the holiday with personal trainer boyfriend Sam Asghari. The singer has been posting inspirational quotes and pictures on her social media amidst the whole issue going on with her father Jamie Spears regarding the conservative issue which has ignited huge fan outrage amongst Britney fans. There has been no conclusion as of yet.