Recently, Megyn Kelly shared her thoughts on the latest Fox News drama “Bombshell” and it seems that the 49-year-old controversial news figure was quite emotional and touchy.

Let’s see what’s going on here,

Megyn shared her thoughts on the movie through a picture of her young son Thatcher staring in quite an interesting way at the poster of the film.

The movie revolves around Charlize Theron, Nicole Kidman, and Margot Robbie as Kelly, Gretchen Carlson, and fictional Fox employee who keeps the note of the fall of the former Fox News CEO Roger Ailes played by John Lithgow which takes place when Kelly and Carlson accuse him of sexual harassment.

The 49-year-old Fox reporter stated that “ Her husband and she recently, take their kids to the theaters for “Frozen 2”. As they were about walked into the theatre, Thatcher, Kelly’s youngest son stopped after looking at the poster of “Bombshell”. The poster actually perplexed her son as for him Charlize was exactly looking like her mother.

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My husband @dougbrunt and I recently took our three kids to see the movie “Frozen 2.” As we walked into the theatre, our 6-year-old stopped at this poster promoting another movie hitting the big screen. The ad confused him because it appears to show a picture of me. But while the movie “Bombshell” is loosely based on my experience during the sexual harassment scandal at Fox News, I have nothing to do with this film. I did not sell the rights to my story or book and only got my first look at the film once it was past the point of any possible edits, though there are certainly some I would have made. Watching this picture was an incredibly emotional experience for me, and for those with whom I saw it. Sexual harassment is pervasive in this country; it can leave scars that do not heal. My heart goes out to those who’ve gone through it, who I hope might find some comfort in this story. As for my thoughts about the film, I’ll have more soon.

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She continued that the movie is loosely based on her experience at the time of sexual harassment scandal at Fox News, There are no ties between her and the movie as she didn’t sell any rights to her story and the book. They just took her first looks and certain edits maybe have made by them.

According to Kely, she along with the others who were watching the movie were extremely emotional. She said that the movie will be able to reach out to those who, like her have been sexually harassed at a certain point in time.

Theron who received a SAG nomination confessed that portraying the role of Megyn Kelly was even tougher than portraying the role of serial killer Aileen Wuornos for her 2003 Oscar-winning movie Monster.