Angelina Jolie’s former employee claims that Jolie stole her idea about the upcoming deaf superhero movie!

You guys might have heard a lot of complaints where people accuse celebrities. Another such accusation came onto Angela Jolie recently. Her former deaf employee claimed that the actress stole a movie idea from her.  She even claimed that Angelina treated her like a “second class citizen” during her course of employment. 44-year-old Jolie employed Antoinette Abbamonte to teach two of her six children American Sign Language between 2016 to 2019 in California.


53-year-old Abbamante also works as a film producer and actress. Apparently Jolie looked down at her and stole her idea to create the first ever deaf superhero movie Eternals. This movie will hit the theaters in November 2020. Abbamonte said Jolie was stealing her ideas to paint herself like she was helping the world. On 13th September 2019, an attorney sent a legal notice to Jolie’s team for intellectual theft. Abbamonte also said she wanted to announce to the world that deaf people need to be treated better.

Abbamonte said that during one of her interactions with Jolie, she repeatedly kept asking her if she could hear the music and dance. She felt it was offensive and ignorant and that it is not right to look down on deaf people like that. The two women apparently grew very close and Jolie asked her about her idea and her ideas about films. Abbamonte claimed that in May 2018, the emailed Jolie about the idea of a deaf superhero.

In July 2019, Marvel Studios and Disney announced the upcoming movie The Eternals. It is about a deaf superhero Makkari and Lauren Ridloff from The Walking Dead will play that role. Apparently when Abbamonte confronted Jolie regarding the matter, Jolie replied, “The universe works in mysterious ways.” Fishy! Jolie even never answered when Abbamonte asked her if she had the idea before or after Abbamonte started with her kids.

The demand stated that Jolie and her kids were only interested in learning about the life of the deaf people. The letter stated that Jolie wanted to learn as much as she could about the deaf community from Antoinette. Jolie was in fact seeking potential movie ideas from Antoinette regarding a deaf character. Jolie’s team is yet to comment on the matter.