Meghan Fox and Brian Greene are new parenting goals as they support their son’s passion for wearing dresses.


Megan Fox and Brian Austin Greene have no problem with their six-year old’s love for fashion and with him wearing dresses as it should be. The parents of the young boy, faced with the bullying and criticisms have opened up and shown their support for their son’s decision to wear what he wants and to help him be confident when faced with such bullying. Fox shared in an interview, how Noah, her son, is satisfied and has the freedom to choose what he wants to wear. “Sometimes, he will dress, and he likes to wear dresses, sometimes.” The mother of three further shared that even though the young Noah goes to a liberal school in California, there are little boys who are his peers who bully him or call him out by saying that boys do not wear dresses or that boys do not wear pink.

Moreover, this is sad in this day and age, primarily if six-year-old kids are being taught such or passed down such teachings. Nevertheless, Fox and Green have their son’s back and are encouraging him to be authentic and confident, irrespective what others say. Moreover, they seem to be doing a fantastic job at that, and the actress shared an experience of her and Noah on her social media, where Noah has gone to school in a dress. When Meghan asked him how his day was, he replied, “Well, all the boys laughed when I came in, but I do not care, I love dresses too much.”In another interview, Fox spoke on the matter, saying, that her son is so young. “I have heard from some people that they do not agree with him wearing dresses. To them, I say, I do not care. if he wants to wear it, then he wears it.”

Noah has two younger siblings, and we hope they grow up confident and as their authentic selves.