Megalo Box anime fan? Here is everything you need to know about season 2 of the series.

About the show

The anime television series based on boxing, Megaro Bokusu’s English name is Megalo Box. Chikara Sakuma is the writer of the show, and the producer is TMS Entertainment. The show was released to celebrate the 50th anniversary of a popular manga series named Ashita no Joe. The show was a big hit among the anime fans.

When will Megalo Box season 2 air?

In the first season of the Manga series, Megalo Box came up on the screens on 6 April, 2018. Fans really enjoyed the show. However, it ended on 29 June, 2018. There were three more special episodes released in between July 2018 to November 2018. Well, talking about the Megalo Box season 2, there’s no such release date specified by the shoemakers. However, according to our predictions, it can premier around October 2020.

Where can you watch Megalo Box season 1 and 2?

Megalo Box, an English version, can be watched on Amazon Prime. And the show is also available on Hulu, Netflix, and Crunchyroll in the Japanese version with English subtitles. You can enjoy watching the series on these platforms. Most probably, the second season will also be coming on the same streaming services.

What is the Plot for Megalo Box Season 2

The show is a fictional one, set in the futuristic timeline. It shows two sections of Japan in which the licensed people get to live in a wealthy city, whereas the unlicensed people are living in the slum areas outside the city. And the show revolves around the extremely popular game of that place, Megalo Boxing. Many people across the world compete in this dangerous sport. The show moves around with Junk’s dog that shifts from an unlicensed boxer to a world-famous professional one.