Mob Psycho 100 season 3: is it coming anytime soon? Read to know the release date, cast, plot, trailer and more.

One of the most anticipated Japanese manga series, Mob Physio 100 is gonna be back for a third season. The first two seasons of the series were really successful on the television. And people are eagerly waiting for the third season of this series. However, there’s not much information from the shoemakers. So get all the details about the upcoming season below.

The reason for Mob Physio 100 for a season 3 is not just because of its demand and the success of season 2. But there’s another reason even. The first season of the series was listed in the best anime series of 2016 by the Anime News Network. The visual style, character story, and rest parts of the series were so good that even Nick Creamer praised it. In addition, the concept of heroism and society is also worth praise. Whereas, Lauren Orsini got blown up by the series’ animation and music. 

When will Mob Physco season 3 air?

Mob Physco season 3 is gonna hit the screens of Japan in the year 2021. If the conditions remain in favor of the creators, the show will be back in the month of April 2021. But the Coronavirus outbreak has brought a lot of changes in the entertainment sector. Thus, the release date may vary, considering the world’s situation. 

Who can all be the part of Mob Physio 100 season 3?

Well, there has been no official announcement about the show’s cast. But some main characters of the show are sure to return—for instance, Dimple, Reign Arataka, Teruki Hanazawa, Ritsu Kageyama, and Shou Suzuki.

Moreover, there’s also an entry of a new character named Haruki Amakusa. Her role is to search for a spiritual monster named Hyakki. He hunts the association for this objective. We’ll be back with some more information, stay tuned to know more about Mob Physio 100 season 3.