Matrix and John Wick too Faces the Brunt of COVID-19 as the Movies got Delayed

Matrix 4 is an upcoming science-fiction film and is the 4th series of the Matrix. However the film was going to be launched this year, but due to the pandemic, a lot of films have been put on hold, and just like that matrix 4 will launch after the pandemic ends. 

Not only Matrix 4 but Keanu reeves another new film, John Wick 4 which was supposed to be released on the same day of matrix 4, is still under production and its production was halted due to the Coronavirus outbreak. 

However, some trusted sources are revealing that both the movies are going to be launched in 2021. Everything was going smoothly and even both the movies were almost completed, until the sudden emergency of Coronavirus arrived in everyone’s lives. 

Right now it’s not even sure whether or not the film will be able to release in 2021, as soon as the pandemic is resolved,  the shooting will restart and everything will be started again. Of course, it won’t be easy to get back to work so quickly.


Talking about the plot of these movies, right now nothing is revealed and all we have to do is wait for it to release or until spoilers are revealed too. And because of the delay in Matrix 4, there is going to be a delay in John wick 4 as well. 

 Keanu’s first commitment is of course to matrix 4 because of which the release date of John Rick will be affected.  Now we can expect John Rick 4 to launch nowhere before 2022.  You have to wait a lot, but the producers say it will surely be worth the wait!

For any more updates and news regarding the two, stay updated with us, we will bring to you any latest news that comes.