Marvel Studios’ X-Men delivers a true shock to its fan-base as they reveal the primary function of “Cerebro”!!

Fans of Marvel Cinematic Universe definitely knew how powerful the celebrated “Cerebro” is. But as Marvel’s X-Men Universe re-launch is continuing in production, writer of the series, Jonathan Hickman, has made a bold move in this week’s chapter. Jonathan Hickman has completely redefined one of the true elements and one of the oldest concepts in X-Men: the Cerebro. Though Marvel fans know what the Cerebro is capable of and how it amplifies Charles Xavier’s telepathy through a supercomputer, Jonathan Hickman has revealed the true function of X-Men’s Cerebro and no fan theory has ever predicted such a twist and story.

Marvel Studios' X-Men delivers a true shock to its fan-base as they reveal the primary function of "Cerebro"!! 1
Image: Marvel

In this week’s chapter of X-Men which was released just a few hours before, some shocking facts have been revealed and these facts deal with the key to immortality. The process to reach immortality consists of five randomly chosen X-Men who are re-purposed as a resurrection squad. These five X-Men characters can fully resurrect and grow clones of their dead comrades. However, though everything is perfect and the clones are fully powered, these clones do not have souls and the selected five cannot recreate the souls of their comrades.

And this is where the Cerebro comes into the picture. The 5th chapter of the X-Men re-launch explains that locating a mutant was not the primary function of the Cerebro, but instead, it is the secondary function. Jonathan Hickman explains that the primary function of the Cerebro was always to serve as a database, where the imprints of every single mutant sensed by the Cerebro through Charles Xavier’s mutation power were saved.

To put in a simple sentence, Charles Xavier’s Cerebro is a soul collector of mutants. And the Cerebro allows Prof. Charles Xavier to put on the role of a God, who can restore soul and life to the dead.