Major fire outbreak in Downtow, Los Angeles and fire spread to multiple buildings: 11 out of 230 firefighters injured!

Tragedies, tragedies, and tragedies! We’re done seeing any more. The year started on a bad note and had resulted in worse situations every other day. Some day or the other we hear about some bad pieces of news that shake the grounds below our feet. The year has witnessed things that shouldn’t have been done and have made the situation worse with time. Not enough, another one has been added to the list. Nothing is worse than losing lives or getting injuries on oneself. 

What was the tragedy that took place in Los Angeles?

At a time when the world is fighting the pandemic, something as worse as building fires could go unnoticed by many. However, the loss of life in something that can be unparalleled.

The fire that broke out on a fine day is still unknown for the reason. Within a short time, 230 firefighters came to the response and tried controlling the fire. However, many got injured in the course of saving lives.

Cause of downtown L.A. explosion under investigation - Los Angeles ...
picture: Los Angeles Times


What is worse is that the reason behind the fire breaking out is yet unknown to the officials. It was a commercial building and would have accounted for human lives along with other wok equipment. At such a tough time, the world needs to come together and work in integration to ensure that peace gets maintained.

Not only is it sad to know that an act like that was committed, knowingly, or unknowingly. The ultimate reason for misery remains the same. Loss of human lives is the worst as that not only breaks their family and acquaintances but also results in a sad environment around them to those who get to know of the pieces of such news. The reasons for the fire breaking out needs to be discovered and once it will be found out, the required precautions need to ensure for future safety.