Stranger Things [MAJOR SHOCKING UPDATE JUNE 2020]: Millie Bobbie Brown aka Eleven might DIE in season 4! Was the character supposed to die in season 1 itself?

Some artworks become so crucial and attractive that on start linking their daily lives and experiences with them. The moment when something happens to the series or its characters, the fans who watch it start linking their emotions with it. For example, if a character dies or suffers in any series that one watches, fans start looking at it as a backlash to themselves. One such creation is by the Duffer Brothers, the series named Stranger Things. The show has done appreciable at the earnings and also at capturing attention. The series has a broad fanbase ranging from people of all age groups.

What is the recent hype about the show?

The series has released hit seasons one after the other. The story runs on fantasy and yet has been able to appear as realistic as possible. One of the most famous characters is Eleven played by Millie Bobby Brown. The series would seem incomplete without that character. Not only do fans think so but also the creators of the show. Ever imagined how the series would have been without her?

The character is known not only for the crucial role that it plays in the series and its wonderful acting, but also the positivity that it throws to its fans. This is not hidden from anyone that she has lived up to her friendship at all stages. Only to save her friends, she could have taken any step that was required by the situation. The first season was a testimony to the same. The character was supposed to trade off her life to save her friends. However, in order for the series to continue on its run, the character was essential to continue and hence she didn’t lose her life despite the story demand.