Mahershala Ali Talks “Blade” and the Special Appearance in a New Movie!

Time to kill some vampires

Spoilers ahead.

The new chapter to the Marvel Cinematic Universe kicked off earlier this year, and after a slew of Disney+ limited series, we are seeing the movies. However, the movies are very different from what we have become used to for the past 12 years.

Marvel used to have a fixed formula, and they always seemed to know what the fans liked. They changed it a bit with Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, but the movie was very enjoyable. Then they changed it further with Eternals, and now it looks like it’s wiping of the elaborate board of stories its told, and rewriting things.

Mahershala Ali’s entry

Mahershala Ali

If anyone had seen the second post-credit scene of Marvel’s Eternals, a voice is heard giving a warning to Kit Harrington’s Dane Whitman. Dane was seen opening a wooden box and taking out a long, black, wrapped sword, that seemed to call out to him. However, before Dane got to touch it, he was interrupted by someone off-screen, who tells him not to do that.

This left the fans in confusion, and Eternals director Chloé Zhao had to say who it was – Blade. And now, Mahershala Ali, who is the MCU’s Blade is talking about his new role. He called the experience cool, but also scary because he’s about to play one of the biggest heroes in Marvel history. He said even stepping into a booth to do his voice brought up some anxieties.

A new world

Mahershala Ali

Mahershala  Ali had been part of Netflix’s Luke Cage, which was loosely tied to the MCU. But he said that the Marvel world is obviously the biggest in film, and he got to know that when he was introduced a couple of years ago.

The movie is still in pre-production and the actor says he hasn’t tried on the leather jacket or shades yet. Mahershala Ali further teased that they’re getting there, and that the Daywalker is about to get up and running.