Ryan Reynolds and Will Ferrell Switch Late Night Talk Show Appearances Making it Even Funnier!

Pulling the Ol’ Switcheroo on Jimmy Kimmel and Fallon

Ryan Reynolds is the king of innovation. He is the one who makes us voluntarily look up and watch the advertisements he’s made for his companies, as well as the mergers he’s done with famous celebrities. In his latest idea, he and Will Ferrell decided to exchange talk show appearances and go where the other one was supposed to go.

Pranking the Jimmies

Still from 'Spirited' | Ryan Reynolds

Ryan went to The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon where Ferrell was supposed to be, while Will went to Jimmy Kimmel Live! where Reynolds was supposed to be.

The jokes didn’t end there, as the hosts had to play along and ask them questions that were intended for the other one. We got to see Ferrell talking like a true professional about Ryan Reynolds’ new Netflix movie Red Notice, which he had not even seen “a stitch” of. “I saw the billboards, they’re wearing tuxedos. So you Know it’s gonna be classy, right?” Ferrell said. He also said how good his “wife” Blake Lively was at cooking oatmeal and nachos.

Meanwhile, Ryan was pitching Ferrell’s new Apple TV+ series The Shrink Next Door. He then spoke about Ferrell’s Shrink co-star Paul Rudd who was termed “The Sexiest Man Alive.” He called Rudd the nicest man he’s ever known, and that he’s aging backwards because he’s signed a contract with Satan, or that he only drinks breast milk from a blue whale.

Ryan Reynolds and Ferrell’s new movie

Still from 'Spirited'

Ferrell and Reynolds have just wrapped up filming for the musical Spirited, which is a new adaptation from A Christmas Carol for Apple TV+. Ryan Reynolds announced that he will be going on a sabbatical for a few months after the movie wrapped up in September, and is currently busy with promotions and his business.