Magic: The Gathering: An Anime Series by the Acclaimed Directors of Avengers Endgame, Joe Russo and Anthony Russo on Netflix

The directors of Avengers Endgame Joe and Anthony Russo recently made one more Netflix special series “Magic: The Gathering”. We already know, when such great directors are working for some series it will be great. The show will be animated and produced by Joe and Anthony Russo. . Meanwhile with the same name we have a game known as “Magic: The Gathering Ikoria Draft Archtypes” but the series may or may not be in reference to this.

Release date

For now there is not release date final. However since the project is into work from a long time therefore we expect the release date to come soon. Netflix announced for this series last year on June 3, 2019 and featuring Chandra Nalaar and Jace Beleren.


For now, four months ago we had an official trailer for the show. The trailer is available on YouTube on what seems the official site of “Magic: The Gathering”. In the trailer we see some weird creatures and one human coming out of nowhere trying to save a kid who is not a kid after-all then with a snap the human is gone. The complete name of the series is “Theros: Beyond the Death” according to the trailer.


There is nothing revealed about the plot of the show for now. In an interview when Rosewater was asked about the details of the show he denied and said if he were to give any details about the show fans will just keep him asking more and more details. However, he says he himself is a fan of magic and trusts that all his fans will like this upcoming series. As he and his team has put lot of efforts for this series.